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NUX - looper pedal bundle

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  • Better recording sound quality (24-bit vs. 16-bit)
  • Longer recording time (8 hours vs. 6 hours)
  • Upgraded drum machine with more realistic drum sounds
  • Equipped with NMP-2 Dual Footswitch control pedal for ultimate user experience
Product details
Chorus · Looper · Analogue · Stompbox

This unit has only been played a handful of times. It s is a great looper pedal a clone of the BOSS RC-3 Loop Station which has the same features and is just as powerful with an additional external control pedal all at a lower price. The drum tracks are high quality, has 99 tracks, easy importing and exporting to a computer, overall a very quality looping pedal.The NuX website has all of the info on this and well documented instructions/firmware updates.Includes TRS for the external control. For the NMP-2 to be recognized by the loop core you MUST use a TRS cable.

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