Acoustajam - Acoustic guitar sound hole amplifier

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Brilliant to jam with, simple to perform with and perfect to learn with.

Acoustajam is a wireless guitarists practice and jamming tool. Using the instrument itself as the sound source, Acoustajam enables buskers to jam to backing tracks, singer-songwriters to perform and beginners or experienced musicians alike to practice with.

  • No leads required
  • No further amplification required
  • Smartphone compatible
  • Compatible with most modern media players
  • Tablet Compatible

Acoustajam - The Guitarist's Practice and Jamming Tool:

Performers & Buskers

Take it a stage further and perform with your Acoustajam equipped instrument. No further amplification required for your backing tracks, just jam along with your guitar producing all your sounds.


Beginners & Learning

Acoustajam will become an indispensible practice tool to all those who use it. The single sound source is extremely helpful to train your ear, aiding musicial development whilst playing along and learning the tracks of your favourite art.  


Singer Songwriters

Record a backing track to your phone or MP3 player and you can sit and jam out your ideas at good volume with just your guitar





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